Becoming the Woman You Want to Be

מחיר רגיל: 71.00

Dear Woman,

What is it that makes you feel meaningful? What is it that makes you feel satisfied? What makes you feel happy?

Where in your life do you feel unfulfilled? Looking for the way to become the woman you want to be?

In this book you will meet fifty Biblical women and their amazing women within, who live inside you too, waiting to be revealed by you. The women within exist inside every one of us, waiting to guide us through the challenges of life. Women within, such as the wise woman, the daring woman, the spiritual woman, the talented woman, and many more.

You will discover that some of the women within are familiar to you, some have accompanied you on your life journey for years. Some of the women within are hidden inside you. Forgotten, asking to be remembered. Asking to strengthen and empower you. Opening for you unique points of view and new possibilities at various moments of your life.

Step by step you will get to know all the 50 women within, and you will choose the one you need each time anew, to empower you. To allow you to go beyond the familiar.

To become the woman you want to be.

מחיר רגיל: 71.00

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