Scare Lee – A fairy tale about overcoming fears

מחיר רגיל: 70.00

Scare-Lee is a lovely story about a frightened little girl who finds her courage and manages to overcome her fears

Children will easily identify with Scare-Lee. Her story will open up for them a unique way to deal with their fears, to discover the strength that lies within them. This story is also a treasure for all parents looking for a way to help their children in their emotional development

Scare-Lee is part of “Magical Journey series” – children’s stories, inspired by Jung’s psychological approach, to help children deal with moments of difficulty by giving them a model for creating change and developing self-confidence.

Judith Youngman Saadon is an Educational Psychologist M.A, a therapist and a leader of women’s groups inspired by biblical women.

The Magical Journey Series draws upon the extensive professional experience of Judith Youngman Saadon.

The books grew out of many therapy sessions with children and counseling sessions with parents. “I created the books about Scare-Lee, Maybe-Lee, and their Friends because I felt the great need of children for characters their age who were coping like them with fears and challenges. And also the great need of parents for tools that could help them in their daily lives to create emotional conversations with children.

Thank you to my children, as well as to all the children I have treated over the years. These books have been inspired by you

מחיר רגיל: 70.00

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